Book 1: The Adventures of the Salmon Squadron/Chapter 5: The First Onset

Robbie LaGoon begins: The Amazing Headache-Cat
This book begins: The Pre-Christmas Speech and the Energy Dispenser
Previously: The Riot

Robbie LaGoon 2

    Robbie walked to the jet room, ready to go home, feeling like he had stolen his friend’s ice cream cone and eaten it. It was not pleasant. He stepped forward again. Suddenly the alarm rang. He knew that alarm. The intrusion alarm. Robbie knew that he should not have been but he was slightly excited. Never before had the intrusion alarm been sounded while he had been on the Tanaris 3. Robbie reminded himself that lives could be at stake and waited for an announcement.

    “Attention all students,” he heard the voice of Director Davison say from some speaker. “I’m sorry, but your lives may be at stake. There are unknown aircrafts boarding the Tanaris 3. We need you to come to the plane-room. We need your help. We may all be in danger.”

    Robbie did not hesitate and hurried down. He ran on all fours. He raced down railings as a cat does on a fence. He made people scared as he rushed by them as if in a frenzy. What? They were all chimerai there. Didn’t any of them do that in a hurry? Robbie had run on roofs when he was late for school a few months before.

    “All students, come to the Assembly Hall,” he suddenly heard Director Davison say on the speaker.

    Wow, thought Robbie, stopping, Director Davison changes his mind really quickly. Or I wonder if the ‘unknown aircraft thing’ was a glitch.

    “The lowest deck is taken,” Davison continued. “I repeat, the lowest deck is taken by the Steinmenists.”

    Before he just said ‘The lowest deck has been taken’, thought Robbie. How is he repeating himself by saying ‘the lowest deck is taken by the Steinmenists’? Steinmenists. They’re back? The Steinmenists were members of an evil cult living in the hidden Steinmen City beneath the streets of New York. It was created by Audwin, lab assistant of Nazi scientist Johann Steinmen, for safety from the US government. He had claimed that Steinmen was a god. The Nazi scientist’s ability to shape-shift into a tiger and the threat of death only supported the lie. But that summer, Steinmen had turned out to be a alive, frozen ice for over seventy years; Robbie’s acquaintance had turned out to be a Steinmenist, and the Steinmenists’ faith had been renewed (Most likely Steinmen had gone along with it). Sure, Robbie had learned a valuable lesson when he almost died in Greenland but he had almost died and not being overly danger-happy was part of that valuable lesson.

    Robbie blinked, bringing himself back to reality. He should probably not have been getting distracted. He stood up and headed over to the Assembly Hall.


    “Good afternoon, students, agents, and teachers,” said Director Davison in the Assembly Hall, after Robbie had arrived,  “We have pulled back all those who remained from the lower level, but many lives have been lost. Among them Agent Bolger, Agent Bulger, and Agent Müller have perished as well as one student, Ishmael or Ish Hornblower, who, though a reindeer chimera, took no part in the riot an hour ago.”

   Robbie’s did not know how to think. He knew who Agent Müller was; he had taken part in Robbie’s kidnapping when he was first brought to the GCA. But Ishmael; he was Robbie’s acquaintance or friend. And true, he did not know Ish’s last name, but how many students named Ish were there in the place? Now Ish was dead, before he had even learned his last name. The boy felt his eyes growing wet.

    “We have decided to group you up into color-coded squadrons of six or seven students,” continued Davison. “Each led by at least one agent. We will be organizing them shortly.”

   Robbie mentally readied himself as he knew only too well that a battle was coming, and he was pretty sure that a lot of people would be relying on him to save the day.

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Book 2: The Adventures of the Salmon Sqadron/Chapter 4: The Riot

Robbie LaGoon begins: The Amazing Headache-Cat
This book begins: The Pre-Christmas Speech and the Energy Dispenser
Previously: The Improvised Speech

Robbie LaGoon 2

    Rose Williams, a swarthy girl with black hair a yellow hoodie and her friend, Ana a blond-haired, blue-eyed cat-chimera in blue jumped into the mix as Benny was bruised and battered.

    Angry rioters were trying to attack Robbie and other people were defending him. The boy was also in a battle with the clever devisor of this plan and being rammed into the wall by Phil.

   Rose was defending Benny, but she wondered if she had made bad judgement. Robbie was being hurt more.

   Robbie was very dizzy and pretty sure that blood was in his eye. Phil was suddenly kicked in the arm by a tall, lean boy with a blue hoodie and a red vest over it and a skateboard in hand. Robbie had met him before. Ish.

    “Ah, thanks, Ish M… L… Ik…,” Robbie paused to think. “Uh, what’s your last name again? Actually, I’ll ask you later. We don’t have time to ask that question just yet. I mean, everyone’s fighting so we should do something rather then talking for hours. I mean—”

    “Exactly,” interrupted Ish. “Come along. Ah!”

     “You traitor to being a reindeer chimera!” cried a boy, punching Ish in the face. Ish ducked the second punch. Robbie made a step to help him, but in a flash, he was lifted up by Phil again and thrown into the wall, ten feet above the floor. The lad was soon pounded again and again on the wall when Phil was hit by a book and fell to the ground. Robbie landed safely on the ground, although his head was very hurt. Robbie couldn’t locate the person who threw the book. He saw the book was about something called “Advanced Organic Chemistry by Silvia Wood.”

    He was soon surrounded again by kids, each attempting to beat him up. And, sure, Robbie was hailed as a hero but he still couldn’t fight forever. At last, Phil flew by and threw him into the wall. He had a thing for coming back to beat him up. It hurt much as  Robbie’s head was repeatedly thrown against the wall. Blood gushed from his head and the cat chimera began to wonder if he would receive permanent brain injury when Phil was kicked to the side by a swarthy girl with a yellow hoodie and a top hat.

    “Hi, Rose,” Robbie greeted weakly. “You still have the hat I see. Do you always wear yellow? No, you were wearing blue that one time. I thought you were defending Benny.”

    “Ana’s taking care of it,” she replied. “and Benny is not helpless. Now kids are in danger, and we need to help—”

    Before Rose could finish , Phil leapt upon them, and for many minutes he fought them both, neither sides winning. Phil was outnumbered but the common house-fly was perhaps the most agile beast on the planet. So they battled until at last Rose kicked him in the stomach. Robbie grabbed him before he could recover.

    “Well, now Phillie,” said Robbie, with a smile. “Here you are, single-handedly defeated by yours truly. I think it says in second Samuel chapter one verse twenty-seven…” his voice trailed off as he caught sight of Mr. Mace entering the room, as if his eyes placed within the boy a feeling of guilt. The man slowly clapped and as he did so, all in the room saw him and went still. As the agents took children away to detention, Robbie felt like he should be sorry for something, but what it was, he knew not.

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Book 2: The Adventures of the Salmon Squadron/Chapter 3: The Improvised Speech

Robbie LaGoon begins: The Amazing Headache-Cat
This book begins: The Pre-Christmas Speech and the Energy Dispenser
Previously: The Return to the Tanaris 3

Robbie LaGoon 2

    “Robbie LaGoon,” said the exasperated Agent McKenly, a thin, man of about five feet with short brown hair. “Is your speech prepared?”

    “What speech?” the confused boy questioned.

    “The reason why you’re here!” yelled McKenly.

    “Right, I’m sorry, sir,” replied Robbie.

    “You wrote something, right?”

    “Uh, no.”

    “Well then improvise. Come along.”

    Robbie followed McKenly to a white room with chairs and boxes.

    “Think about what you want to say. You have about thirty seconds.


    “Hello,” said Robbie LaGoon. “My name is Robbie LaGoon. I am addressing the crowd.”

    Phil could have shouted that that was obvious, but he thought it better to wait for a better way to pickon the poor guy.

    “Why did I come to speak to you?” he continued “It isn’t about flying reindeer so any reindeer chimera—don’t get vain.”

    That was better. “People,” Phil shouted. “He’s criticizing reindeer chimera. We can not let this so called ‘hero’ corrupt the mind of our youth.”

    “Uh, he’s right!” cried Randy, a dog chimera with black hair with a died red streak and another member of the Buffalo Club, a band of bullies.

   “I’m a reindeer chimera!” shouted a boy in the crowd. “I’m offended!”

   “I–I’m really sorry,” apologized Robbie. “I didn’t mean to offend anyone. I was joking.”

   “Ah, joking at others’ expense,” commented Phil.

   “He’s making fun of people for touching a reindeer!” Randy added.

   “I didn’t know I’d get powers!” the reindeer boy shouted. “And you persecute me for petting a reindeer.”

   “I’ll make this right,” said Phil, taking out a rotten tomato he had gotten ready in case the chance arrived and handed it to the guy next to him—Benny. The monkey chimera was an acquaintance of Robbie LaGoon and wanted nothing to do with this bigot-naming threw aside the tomato and accidentally hit the guy behind him—Esau Staples, leader of the Buffalo Club.

    “Uh, uh sorry!” cried the boy, standing up.

    “Nobody,” said Esau, picking up Benny by the scruff of the neck—not caring about the apology, “Nobody throws a rotten tomato at me.”

    “Hey, hey hey,” our hero said from up on the stage, “Esau, calm down. It was an accident. Love your neigbor and your enemy, Esau. Forgive him.”

    “Nah, I’ll pass,” declined the bully and punched Benny in the face. Robbie made a leap to help the guy, but Phil flew at him. Soon Esau, Andy, Irene, Randy, and Helena, all of the Buffalo Club besides Phil were ganging up on Benny.

    A riot had begun.

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Book 2: The Adventures of the Salmon Squadron/Chapter 2: The Return to the Tanaris 3

Robbie LaGoon Series begins: The Amazing Headache-Cat
This book begins: The Pre-Christmas Speech and the Energy Dispenser
Previously: The Pre-Christmas Speech and the Energy Dispenser

Robbie LaGoon 2

   Pow! Power-Hog kicked Power-Dog in the face. In season four, the current season of Power-Hog, Robbie’s favorite show, Dr. Style, the main villain in season one had returned. Robbie had forgotten some of the details, so he was re-watching season one. He had to keep in mind that real life didn’t work like that.

    “Power-Hog vs. Power-Dog. Really?” said Kiara, Robbie’s sister.

    “I forgot some things and this is a really great show,” explained Robbie.

    “You should watch Young Revolutionists,” recommended Kiara.

    “No thanks,” replied Robbie. He had seen one episode of that show. Lots of disobedient teenagers with unrealistic drama.

    “O.K. well I’m leaving said Kiara, heading out the front door.

    “Away,” she replied, leaving the house.

    “It’s over Power-Hog,” cried Power-Dog as he brandished his knife to stab the pig.

   Power-Hog punched Power-Dog in the face.

   “Ow!” cried Power-Dog.

    Five policemen came running towards them.

    “You are under arrest!” shouted Captain Lincoln, a brown haired guy with brown eyes.

   “Do we arrest dogs?” questioned Detective Tom, a swarthy guy with red hair.

   “Good question,” replied Lincoln.

   “I’m calling animal control,” said Tom, taking out a cellphone.

   Ding-Dong The doorbell rang. Robbie quickly turned off the TV and ran to the door. The LaGoon opened the door to see Agent Müller of the GCA.

   “Robbie LaGoon,” Müller stated. “Are you ready?”

   “Ready… for what?” asked the boy.

   “The Speech,” replied the muscular agent.

   “Oh, that,” Robbie had forgotten about it. He should have probably planned something.


   The Tanaris 3. It had anything you needed from bullies to mentor-like figures. Last time Robbie’s knowledge had turned out to be lacking so had read things like A Map of the World in 15 Pages. And who came first to greet him but… Philip Aebron Jr. He felt like the guy with housefly powers didn’t like him.

   “Hello Robbie,” Phil said, with an undertone of scoff. “How are you today?”

   “I’m fine,” Robbie replied.

   “Fine?” Phil repeated. “You’re our honored guest. You should be wearing purple. What’s this red shirt for?”

    “Its… a good color.”

   “Not as good as ultralum—a shade of ultraviolet—but you wouldn’t know that because, well, you don’t know what ultraviolet is.”

   “You can see ultraviolet?” Robbie exclaimed in surprise.

   “Well, ultralum—like red—is a bit tricky to see now, but yeah, I can see it.”

   “What does it look like?”

    “Can’t describe it, but purple looks like it plus blue to me now.”

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Book 2: The Adventures of the Salmon Squadron/Chapter 1: The Pre-Christmas Speech and the Energy Dispenser

Robbie LaGoon Series begins: The Amazing Headache Cat
Previously: Book I, Epilogue

Robbie LaGoon 2.png

    BEEP BEEP BEEP. Robbie opened his eyes. His clock read 6:08 A.M. He reached under his pillow and grabbed his GCA communicator.

    “Hello?” Robbie asked.

    “Robbie, there is going to be a Christmas speech in the Tanaris 3—like every year,” replied Director Davison. “You were voted to be the speaker. Would you mind coming?”

    “O.K… I’ll be there. Pre-Christmas, of course.”

    “Agent Müller will pick you up at 2:30.”

    O.K. Hopefully they wouldn’t kidnap anyone. He didn’t realize it when he was abducted by the GCA, but kidnapping was serious buisness.


Monday, December 17, 2018, Aebron Mansion

   This was no better than any other day, in Philip Hildebrand “Phil” Aebron Jr., son of Philip Aebron, billionaire and CEO of AebronCo’s, opinion. Almost Christmas though. There was usually a Christmas speech. Phil hoped to be there. If he were lucky, Robbie LaGoon would be there, too. Phil had thought of around 20 pranks since the previous summer when Robbie LaGoon was abducted by the GCA then thought to have killed the Laborassistent. Phil had been there. Robbie did not kill him. Falling into cold water while fighting Robbie had. Oh, Johann Steinmen, the guy who had started the whole genetic chimera thing turned out to be alive, most likely. Now, after the “quest for the first chimera,” as Robbie called it, the cat chimera was hailed as a hero.

   “Phil,” Philip Aebron, Phil’s father, said on his voice thing as his face appear. “Director Davison is here.”

    As he expected. Perhaps even he was voted to give the speech. Other people were more likely though. Esau, maybe. He was the leader of the Buffalo Club. He might even blackmail people to vote for him. Rose Williams or worse—but more likely—Robbie LaGoon. They were both hailed as heroes. Maybe he could ruin it if Robbie ended up doing it.

   “Phil,” Aebron repeated on the speaker. “Are you coming?”

   “Of course,” Phil replied, hurrying over.


   “So, what’s this?” Robbie asked. They were in his friend Harry’s back yard.

   “A magic staff,” replied his friend, holding the long metal rod

   “Not a real one,” put in Abednego, the purple robot Harry had built which was hovering there. The previous month, Abednego had added that upgrade.

   “It’s really an energy dispenser—sort of,” clarified Harry.

   Energy dispenser. That sounded familiar.  Heracles Cleaze had a hammer called an energy dispenser-absorber.

   “I’m the cool one,” Utgard had said. “He just has a hammer that can heat up and shoot lightning and stuff.”

    “So…” said Robbie. “Your staff can heat up and shoot lightning—but not stuff?”

    “It can heat up, electricate, keteticate, and illuminate.”

    “Define electricate and kineticate, please,” requested Abednego. “They don’t appear to be in the dictionary app I downloaded.”

    “It shoots electricity and movement,” clarified Harry. “It’s not a real energy dispenser because it has for different functions rather then one and an energy converter. Also the kinetic function basically just shoots out air.”

    “Nice,” complimented Robbie. “Could I hold it?”

    “Sure,” replied Harry. “Just don’t push that button. That heats the staff up and it will be really hot.”

   “O.K.” said Robbie. “What does this one do—aah!” Robbie went flying into the air.

    Right. He had forgotten to warn him about that, too. The “kinetic” function was very, very strong.

    In the air, Robbie tried pushing the button again. He fell from the sky. Cats were very good at landing on there four feet when they fell. Robbie, the cat-powered person did. He stood up on a sidewalk.

    “Hello, are you quite alright young man?” asked a gray-haired man with a cane.

    “Yes, sir,” replied Robbie. “I’m fine.”

    “Wow,” commented Abednego, who had flown after him.

    Robbie jumped in surprise.

    “Most humans would break one leg at least from that fall,” the robot commented.

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Book 1: The Quest For the First Chimera/Epilogue

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    Robbie rang the doorbell. He heard shouting.

    “Don’t worry, Glossey, I’ll handle the case,” a man assured someone.

   The door was opened and out came two men. One in a brown trench coat and one with glasses.

    “Well, uh,” noted the man in the trench coat, clearly confused. “We found you.”

    “Who are you?” the boy asked.

    “Your detectives,” replied the same man. “I am Det. Desmond and this is Dr. Glossey.”

    “I may have a few questions,” added Glossey.


   “Steinmen,” said Owens, the fourteen-year-old you may know as Jude, “We need a new Laborassistent.”

   “Right,” said Steinmen. He had recently completed reading Audwin’s book to get up to date. He couldn’t have them knowing his lack of knowledge that was supposedly about himself.

    “Generally, as you know, it’s a vote, the Counsel thought it best to ask you to choose.”

    “Well,” replied Steinmen, thoughtfully, “You spent all that time of your life getting knowledge about the GCA.”

    “Yes…” replied Owens, knowing what the next thing Steinmen would say was.

    “Well, how about you take your uncle’s place as a— a…” Steinmen paused. “A good thing you get for doing a good thing.”

    “Reward?” suggested Owens.

    “Yes, as a reward,” Steinmen finished.

    “Thank you, sir.”

    “Now, Laborassistent Owens, I have a plan—but I need time.”

    “What do you have in mind?” asked Owens.

    “Do you know of any good generals?”

    “Well,” replied Owens, “Laborassistent Green was not the last of my family.”

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Book 1: The Quest for the First Chimera/Chapter 24: Aftermath

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Sunday evening, Cafeteria, Tanaris 3.

    “Well, I believe I’m done the second edition of The Quest For the First Chimera,” said Robbie.

    “Well, everybody has heard of you, now,” put in Benny, “and you’ve only been here since Wednesday—here and awake anyway.”

    “I’ve only been a genetic chimera for one week today,” agreed Robbie.

    “Well, ya still got an enemy in here. The rich-guy housefly Phil still wants you ruined,” Benny told him.

    “Yeah, I noticed.”

   As for Robbie, he was just looking forward to coming home.

   “So your that hero everyone’s talking about?” Ish asked one day. “You killed Laborassistent Green?”

   “I didn’t kill Laborassistent Green,” replied Robbie. “My works are exaggerated.”

Summerhouse, Floor 2, Room 3, Tanaris 3

   Robbie sat down and thought. There was so much to think about. He had an idea.

   He focused for some time until he mentally forced his toy horse, Strangre to say in Robbie’s head, “Hello, Robbie.”

   “Hi, Strangre,” replied Robbie. “How are you?”

   “Fine, although I haven’t had much adventure lately. I imagine Fluffy feels the same in his house,” answered Strangre, pointing at where they had made Fluffy the Cow’s abode.”

   “I have an idea,” said Robbie. He ran out of the room. Strangre would love this. Well, Strangre didn’t love anything, but if he did, he’d love this.

   Robbie ran into the gift shop to see an action figure of himself. Interesting. Apparently, some people put him in the mix when there toy horses were bored.

   Robbie bought the animal villain that he thought best for the setting. Head of a lion. Body of a goat. Tail of a snake. It was the Chimera. Mr. Chim would be his name, and it was. Soon he was writing a book about himself, Strangre, and Fluffy in the battle against Mr. Chim.


    “You know,” said Det. Desmond. “Some cat DNA was found in the blood.”

    “I’d say that he’s a genetic chimera,” theorized Dr. Glossey. “What should we do, though?”

    “Hmm…” said Desmond, grabbing the paper. He ran off.

    “Where are you going?” Dr. Glossey called, chasing after him.

    After for running for about five minutes, he ducked under a tape that read “CAUTION.” A dead pig lay there with red collar and a knife in its neck.

   After looking for approximately three seconds then pointed at a man and exclaimed, “He did it!” The man dashed off. The police chased him.

   “You need to teach how me to do that,” put in Glossey. “You’re skills of deduction are unrealistically high.”

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